Acid and Fertilizers Business

At ICS, our motto is not just to offer a range of quality inputs but also to provide complete agronomy solutions. With this inspiration, ICS is serving farmers through an extensive Dealer – Retailer network in West African countries. Today, “ICS” brand is a symbol of ‘Trust’, ‘Reliability’ & ‘Quality’ and has a high brand value amongst the farming community.

Our value added product portfolio includes:

Phosphoric acid

We manufacture merchant grade 52% phosphoric acid suitable for industrial use, which is exported primarily to Indian fertilizer manufacturers.

Specifications P205

Phosphatic Fertilizers

ICS is the only complex route fertilizer manufacturing plant in West Africa.

Products produced are:


(18:46:0) – Applied directly to various crops.






6.20.10 – for Peanut crop

NPK 6‐20‐10

15.15.15 – for Maize crop

NPK 15‐15‐15

15.10.10 – for Millets crop

NPK 15‐10‐10

9.23.10 – for Vegetable crop

10.10.20 – for Vegetable crop

NPK 10‐10‐20

Special grade NPK like 14.23.14,, Phospho-gypsum, Soluble Fertilizers and Urea.

Our product mix ensures balanced and adequate nutrition to plants for robust growth and development.

Major Markets

ICS caters to the needs of Senegalese market and after meeting local demand, ICS exports its DAP and complex NPK fertilizers to other West African Markets.

Reach Us:

Marketing Department, Industries Chimiques du Senegal, KM 18 Route du Rufisque, MBAO Zone, Franche Industrielle, B.P 3835, Dakar, West Africa,

+221-33879 10 00

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