Facilities at a Glance:

ICS has a complex fertilizer-manufacturing unit at the MBAO site, situated 18 km from Dakar. The existing DAP/NPK plant was supplied by Krebs, France using Heurety France Technology based on Conventional Slurry Process.

Manufacturing Process

DAP/NPK manufacturing process consists of

  • Pre-neutralization
  • Granulation
  • Drying
  • Screening and crushing
  • Final screening, Product cooling
  • Coating and storage
  • Scrubbing system
  • De-dusting system

The typical grades of DAP/NPK are as follows:
(DAP) 18-46-0 14-23-14
15-15-15 14-18-18
6-20-10 NPK 15-10-10
NPK 9-23-30 10-10-20
MAP 11-52-0


Acid storage ponds.

The site has 7 ponds to store 52% acid.

From ponds fixed and flexible lines transport the acid to the vessel that gets berthed at mid sea.